Wednesday, August 8, 2012


HEY! I haven't written in a while...WELCOME TO MY LIFE!

Three weeks ago, I was hosting a Bright Lights conference at my church.
Two weeks ago I was in Texas helping with the conference there.
Last week I was in Wisconsin.
Now I am in Indianapolis at Verity Institute, taking an AWESOME design class, from two AWESOME instructors!!!!
ANYWAYS... I have random pictures from the past three weeks:
 We had about a total of between 350-500 for the Strong in the Lord and Radiant Purity put together

The "Brownie" Skit (always a favorite) ;)

"Old English" 

"I've Been Changed!"

Now we're in TX!
 At the Institute for Creation Research...
Dr. Brian Thomas illustrating something :)

a "Paddlefish" 

While we were there we got to hear Dr. Jason Lisle speak...
(one of my favorite parts of the trip) ;)

Now, I don't have any pictures from Indy, (my parents took my camera with them to the Creation Museum) but I have edited some pictures I have taken in the past with something I learned to do:


So, that has been my month and a half...
Hope you enjoyed!
~ Elizabeth ~

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