Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Silver Dollar City (for my birthday)

Random person at Silver Dollar City. We had no clue who he was, but he got on to Daniel for not saying hi to him...
Later, my grandparents decided to turn the Discovery Channel on, and lo and behold, THERE HE WAS! We decided to call him "Larry", short for "Hilarious" because HE WAS FUNNY!

Titanic Museum

Pikes Peak

Monument Rocks

Random Sign in Utah
(Gooseberry is my nickname)

Grand Canyon

 Kolob Canyon

 Grand Canyon 
(Notice the squirrel at the bottom of the picture in the shadows)

Bright Lights Conference
(Me with Sarah Bryant)

 Thursday Break at Ward Meade Park and Old Prairie Town

LOL! Point & shoot!

The perfect refreshment on a hot day. Right Lilly? :-P

This is what I call "falling asleep on the Word" :)

The night that Bright Lights left was an emotional time. We will not soon forget the time we had with Sarah, Grace, Nickie, Lilly, Bekah, Tia, Scarlett, Bryant, Baylie, and all the rest of the leaders who were present.

Bethany grew really attached to Lilly.

One of my favorite parts in my trip to TX with Bright Lights:
Tour of the Institute for Creation Research!

I was excited to actually sit in on a lecture by Dr. Jason Lisle!!

Lake Michigan 

Creation Museum
*Note: These pictures were taken by my dad while I was at Verity Institute taking a Graphics Design class. :)

 Dan "The Animal Man"

Buddy Davis

In the garden at the Creation Museum

Our front yard :)

 Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

All in all, it was a GREAT year! I hope 2013 will be another one! :)

In Christ,
><> Elizabeth <><


  1. Oh no! =D I know some of those same people you met at the bright lights conference! I've met Sarah Bryant once, Bryant Sarensen goes to our church and so does the girl in the purple plaid shirt!(Nicole) That is so neat!! =)
    Also, the picture of the Grand Canyon in the evening light is a real stunner! <3 It is truly beautiful there.
    Lastly, the four of the kids on the bridge are sweet!


  2. Thank you! :) That is so neat that you know some of those young ladies too! The kids on the bridge are a few of my younger siblings. :)


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