Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day (and a half) at Grams and Papa's

On Thursday, several of us went out to my grandparent's house to spend the night. And believe me, when we go out there, I HAVE to have my camera! There are things out there that I don't get to take pictures of (or at least really good pictures of) here.

Thursday evening:

I LOVE to "play around" with my camera and get all sorts of pictures.

Barbed wire fence with sunset

After it got dark, my grandpa opened up his observatory, and we got to look at the moon, and a blurry side of Jupiter. :) I really wanted to somehow hook my camera to the telescope to take some pictures of the moon's craters, but alas! I couldn't... :(

Friday morning:

Red Bellied Woodpecker

I actually have no idea what bird this is...

Jack playing with a giant stick

Josiah, cousin Trenton, and Daniel

Carrying some wood to make a tepee, and waving to me

The finished tepee...

My dog, Pepper (It was 80 degrees that day, hence the reason his tongue is hanging out).

More Barbed wire :)

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