Monday, April 8, 2013

Third place & A Birthday

I entered these pictures in a photography contest:

But this one got third place :)

Rebekah, Josiah, and Hannah

Me receiving my trophy, ribbon, and a laminated edition of my picture 


I got some new books at the MPE Conference! :)

A day at grandpa's house:

A Buzzard

Swinging on the hammock 

Hannah turns 10 today, so we had a party for her yesterday

Go K-State Wildcats!!!

Bethany having fun building a "volcano"

A gift card

Peel and Press Stained Glass

Crayola Twist pencils

An empty Crayola tin

And a hula hoop!

Then, the skies darkened, and the threat of rain hung in the air :)

Meanwhile, Hannah is having fun with her new toy


Another Buzzard (I was playing with my telephoto lens)

Tuttle Creek Lake

Finally, after seeing some lightning, we decided to go inside...

...and play some games

The word was "Wild" the Big Bang Theory is WILD!

The radar

and then it hailed

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