Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Going On?

HIYA! How is everyone doing?
Perhaps the better question is, "Elizabeth, what have you been doing?" start off, we have been sorting through boxes, getting ready for a garage sale next month. Some of the 'stuff' we haven't seen for three to five years (we have moved twice since we pack those boxes)!

We are also doing Bible Bee. This is our second year in the program, and we are enjoying it.

I have just re-arranged my desk! It used to be by Daniel's, and *someone* kept putting their stuff on it, so I finally moved. It is my little area to do school, and, one of my favorite things to do, study Biblical Apologetics (hence the Answers Magazine holder to the right).  :)

So, now you know what we've been up to...what have y'all been doing?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Daisies/Photography Challenge #7 - Sun flare or Haze

We went out to Grams and Papa's house on Friday, and, as usual, I took my camera. :)
There was a whole field of daisies, so I HAD to photograph that!  

A couple random shots:

Love the way this one has a darker frame:

These two are my pictures for the photography challenge:

Y'all have a wonderful rest of the week!!! :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm back!!! Did you miss me?

Greetings y'all! Whats been going on these past two+ weeks?
This in my "catch up" post, so hang on, I'm gonna give you the outline of what we've been doing...

Before we left on vacation, I got my drivers permit (finally), so I got to practice driving my dad's mini van (NOT the fifteen passenger). :) 

We left for Indianapolis on Tuesday, May 21st, and arrived at Verity Institute (where we stayed) at about 10pm.

The next morning, we went to the zoo:


 This tiger was pacing, as if to say "there are a lot of meat popsicles out there. I'm hungry!"


I thought this meerkat was just the cutest!

Cute, right?

We got to see the dolphin show!

Butterfly garden

The aviary

 Just random botanical garden pics

On Thursday (May 23), we left for Hebron, KY, where we stayed three nights:

Botanical Garden

Petting zoo

another random picture

We love the Creation Museum!

Dragon Invasion!

Before we went through the museum, Steve Golden, who works as an assistant to Ken Ham (He also used to go to our church), gave us a tour of the Answers in Genesis offices (sorry, no pics of that).

Buddy Davis' new dinosaur...the Kentrosaurus!

We got to sneak peak the new "Dr. Crawley's (yes, that is the collector's real name) Insectorium"

Dr. Arthur Pod :)

Us girls got a picture with Ken Ham!

Then we went to Nashville for our ATI regional conference:

Me, after a COMMIT group picture in the rain

The "Sunflowers"
I was an assistant leader this year.

Pre-Embassy presentation

ALERT presentation

Choir - Always my favorite part!

I enjoyed catching up with friends from past conferences, and meeting new friends. Can't wait till next year!