Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Going On?

HIYA! How is everyone doing?
Perhaps the better question is, "Elizabeth, what have you been doing?" start off, we have been sorting through boxes, getting ready for a garage sale next month. Some of the 'stuff' we haven't seen for three to five years (we have moved twice since we pack those boxes)!

We are also doing Bible Bee. This is our second year in the program, and we are enjoying it.

I have just re-arranged my desk! It used to be by Daniel's, and *someone* kept putting their stuff on it, so I finally moved. It is my little area to do school, and, one of my favorite things to do, study Biblical Apologetics (hence the Answers Magazine holder to the right).  :)

So, now you know what we've been up to...what have y'all been doing?

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