Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rain Drops on Roses (and whiskers on kittens)...

Some pics of yet another day at grams and papa's (we love going out there)!

Okay, okay, these aren't raindrops on roses, but I though I should include them anyway:

"cheese log" or whatever y'all call it.

How is your summer going? Please comment!


  1. Hi Elizabeth!! I got your comment on my blog and am /finally/ getting around to replying to it. :) thanks for linking me to your blog- I've enjoyed looking around! How are y'all doing? Are you guys doing the Bible Bee this year? If so, I hope we'll be seeing you in a couple weeks at Locals!!!!
    God bless,

  2. Hi Amy! Yes we are doing Bible Bee this year, and are greatly looking forward to Locals!
    For His Glory,


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