Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm back!  
You might say, "Where did you go?" 
Well, no where exactly, I was just SUPER busy working on my Constitutional Midterm exam from Patrick Henry College.
They called it The Midterm from Mordor, which was enough for me to know that it would be hard (yeah).

Now, I am relieved to no longer be preoccupied by that, and am looking forward to posting more soon, particularly when I get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom :) 

But, until then, y'all are stuck with older pictures...and I am excited about the way this one turned out.  

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday!


  1. Oh, so beautiful! (The picture.) Glad you're back (even if I didn't know you were gone:)!
    ~ S. F.

  2. Oh, I like the verse you chose for this picture, and the fonts go so nicely together! =)


  3. Thanks! :)
    Jenny, I live in Topeka area :D

  4. Great photo! I've gone through a super busy week too. You took this photo?

    1. Thanks! Yes, I took this photo at Grams and Papa's house! :)


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