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Merry Christmas // Scotland's Greatest Athlete, Part 4

This here post is a compilation of two posts...hence the double title. :)

A Merry Christmas from me:

Sooooooo, since I will probably not be available next week to post part 4, I figured (and this will make a couple of you SUPER HAPPY) I would go ahead and post it early. :D Enjoy!!!!!!!!!


An Important Decision

Great Britain: 1923-1924
           It was a cold, rainy day in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Tom McKerchar sat slumped in his chair, when a soft knock on his door caused him to sit up.  “I believe it is here.” Announced his secretary, placing an official looking envelope on his desk.  His eyes widened.  He took it and ripped it open.  Scanning the page, he found the schedule for the 100 metre race.  There it is, He thought, the 100 metre race. And the first heats are on…his smile faded.  The piece of paper slipped from his hands and floated gently to the floor.  He buried his head in his hands for a minute then stood up.  “I will be out for a while; I need to catch up with Eric if I can. Oh, and don’t tell anyone the schedule is in.”  He grabbed his coat and flew past the surprised secretary and out into the street.
“What is it Tom?  If you don’t mind, I’d have to say you don’t look well,” Eric looked concerned.  Tom cleared his throat, “It’s just, Eric, I know what you are going to say - but I wish I could change your mind.”
“Out with it man!  Only God can read minds.”  Eric motioned him on.
“The Olympic schedules came in today.  You know the Baron is trying to fit all the events into just two weeks. So-”
“So, what is it Tom?”  Eric interrupted.
Tom took a deep breath, “The first heats for the 100-meter race are to be held on a Sunday, Eric.  July sixth to be exact.”
Without a moment’s hesitation, Eric made it very clear that he was not going to run. Sighing, Tom turned away and glanced out the window.
“Tom, God’s fourth commandment is to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.  If I run in a race that honors me or other men, I am not remembering the Sabbath.  And if I start ignoring one of God’s commandments, I may as well ignore all of them.  But I can’t do that because I love God too much.”
Tom nodded.  Eric had never raced on a Sunday, and that wouldn’t change now, even for the Olympics.  “I’ll contact the authorities; that’s the next step, but Eric, are you ready for what will happen?  I mean the reporters?”  Eric simply answered, “Jesus never said that to follow Him would be easy.”

Eric was right.  Many reporters and radio announcers labeled him “A traitor to his country” and “A letdown to his people”.  But to him, God meant more than any Olympic gold medal.

A Merry Christmas-card from Eric:


Y'all have a very Merry Christmas! And remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season!

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

For His Glory,


  1. Whoa...that was brave of Eric, for giving up doing that race! ♥ I'm sure it would have been hard on him, if he hadn't had such a strong faith.
    I am one of those "couple" who are "SUPER HAPPY". :D
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    ~ S. F.

    1. I agree! Thank you S.F. and Merry Christmas to you and your family too!


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