Monday, December 9, 2013

Scotland's Greatest Athlete, Part 2

The Next Wyndham Halswelle

London, England: 1918
            Rob, as he now preferred to be called, was a senior in 1918, and did not want his sixteen-year-old brother beating him in track.  But on the track, Eric pulled ahead of Rob and won the 100 metre dash by one step.  Eric was voted Eltham’s best overall athlete for 1918.
            The list records for the final track for 1918 were shared between the two.  If Rob was in first, Eric was in second, and if Eric was in first, Rob was in second.

Edinburgh, Scotland: 1920
Eric, now eighteen, passed all of his examinations in the summer of 1920, and hired a tutor to teach him French at night.  Then, to pay for the tutor, he got a job at a farm outside Edinburgh.  He would rise early, get a bite to eat, and hop on his bicycle to go to work, only to come back and begin studying.
            But the summer was not without certain pleasures.  The Olympics was the main conversation of the Liddell’s, and Mary shook her head watching her sons read newspaper article, after newspaper article. “Who will be the next Wyndham Halswelle?” She asked.
            Shrugging, Rob pointed to Eric, who seemed to hold the newspaper higher at the mention of Halswelle’s name. “Yes, Rob. I think he is sitting right here too.” Jenny smiled.

For His Glory, and Keep Smiling! :D


  1. I'm loving reading these! Can't wait to see what you post next. ;}

    1. *happyface* I'm glad you're enjoying them!


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