Monday, February 10, 2014

There is a Book

There were a couple questions that Mr. Nye couldn't answer during the debate last Tuesday:

How did the atoms that created the Big Bang get there?
Bill's answer, "This is a great mystery....the universe is expanding, and you wanna know why?  Nobody knows why!"

Ken Ham's answer was a resounding "Bill...there is a book out there..."

How did consciousness come from matter?
Mr. Nye: "Don't know...this is a great mystery."
Ken Ham: "There is a book..."

When Mr. Ham said that, I was thinking, yeah! That's an awesome answer!
It was amazing! Later in an interview, he mentioned that he was praying at that point, while Nye was answering the question.  God gave him the words to say. 

Below is a link to the article that appeared on the AiG website the day after the debate.

And then there is Debunking Bill Nye's Arguments.

I would encourage y'all to check them both out!
Also, I always like to include photography/graphic design in my posts. :D

And then there is this one, which was written by me.

What did you think about the debate? Please comment!

Happy Monday!

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  1. It was a great debate...Ham did really well, and they were both very respective of each other.

    1. Yes they were. Though, throughout the debate, I caught some of Nye's looks, and he didn't look happy... :P


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