Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happenings of Late, Part One

We've been out at the "Shire" getting ready to move in in May!
Here are some photos that I have taken over the past couple days.

We got our water line put in on Friday!

I love the rock layers!

Jubilee, Bethany, and Zander (the son of some friends of ours).

Racoon tracks...

Just. Wow.


Btw, Happy St. Patricks Day y'all! ;)

This is a reminder that nothing is perfect anymore.  Adam and Eve changed all that 6,000 years ago.

For His Glory,


  1. Awesome! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :) Just outta curiosity, have you ever read "Unbroken"? You being a runner made me think of it. I'm reading it now.

  2. I love your "Shire"! It looks so peaceful there. :)

    ~ S. F.


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