Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Liebster Award

Thank you to Pearl Of Tyburn at Silver Screen Spiritual for awarding me yet another Liebster! :) 

Here are her questions, and my answers:

1. What do you consider the greatest movie of all time and why? I really don't know! I guess "The Jesus Film" because, really. It's the greatest Story of all time!

2. What do you consider the worst movie of all time and why? Again, no idea! I haven't seen most of today's entertainment films...

3. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Tom Hiddleston...or Orlando Bloom :)

4. Who is your least favorite actor/actress? Don't have one...yet.

5. What scene from a movie do you find the most inspirational? There are so many! I'll choose this one: In Amazing Grace, when Wilbur is on the Madagascar speaking to the group of people. "Remember that smell..."

6. What movies have mad you laugh the most? Frozen, Tangled, The Widows Might, I'm sure there's more!

7. What movies have made you cry the most? I'm not a crier when it comes to movies, but The Return of the King, and God's not Dead very nearly did it!

8. What movie do you find the most hoaky? What do you mean by "hoaky?"

9. If you could only watch one more movie forever, what would it be? The Book Thief

10. What are some movies you’ve wanted to watch but never gotten the chance? The Book Thief, Thor The Dark World, Captain America (The First Avenger AND The Winter Soldier), War Horse, Hunger Games, Ace Wonder, Alone Yet Not Alone, Divergent, I'm sure there are more...

11. What are your top 5 movies you would like me to watch and review? Pride and Prejudice (2005 version), The Book Thief, Chariots of Fire, uh... I don't have any others.


  1. It seems that everywhere I go "The Book Thief" is mentioned! Hm, maybe I should read or watch it. :)
    What do you say?

    ~ S. F.

    1. I say YES! I have some friends who REALLY like the movie...I still haven't seen it though.

  2. Hi, Elizabeth,

    By hoaky, I just meant cheesy, like the old godzilla movies involving men sewn up in the giant green monster suits....;-)

    I love Amazing Grace! It's a terrific movie, especially interesting to me as a British history book. I also really enjoyed the book of that title by Eric Metaxas. Excellent, cleverly wrttien biographical reading about a truly great man. I do plan on reviewing the film on the blog soon.

    I'd also be quite interested in watching Chariots of Fire, as I've heard it's quite good. I'm also curious about The Book Thief. However, I'm rather hesitant on the new Pride and Prejudice, as I favor the 1995 one with Colin Firth and I really don't care much for Keira Knightley! Her roels in Pirates of the Carribean and Princess of Thieves just really let me down :(

    Anyway, I would really appreciate if you would put the link for this post below my Liebster Blog award post on "Behind the Silver Screen" so readers can look back to it!

  3. Hey, yes, it's me! ;) Anyways, I was just reading through your blog and found out that you like the books by Chuck Black. Have you read his latest book, The Wars of the Realm: The Invisible Cloak? It's REALLY good and I was almost in tears at one point. You like Tom Hiddleston too? Girl, you need to see Thor the Dark Would and Captain America, #1 & #2. Talk to you later!

    1. Yes, Tom Hiddleston is amazing!

      Ahhh! I haven't read Chuck's latest book, but I SO want to!

      I know, I know...but I'll see them when my parents feel like I should, LOL. xP

  4. Hi Elizabeth...
    It was SO nice to be able to meet you, finally!! I wish we lived closer...but i definitely enjoyed the time we did have. :)
    Tom Hiddleston & Orlando Bloom...yep, darling, we were made to be friends. ;) I so agree with you.
    And CHILD you simply must watch Thor the Dark World! (Tom is mind blowing) And the Winter Soldier. I loved the Winter Soldier more than the Avengers. (yikes, I know.) It was that wonderful. I think I'll stop rambling because I can't really describe the Winter Soldier with words other than ASFGHJJKLSDFL. Love you! :)

    1. Haha, ramble on! I won't judge! ;) I am really looking forward to watching TTDW and Captain America 1 and 2! When? I don't know... :)

      IKR? I wish we lived closer to each other too. Though, I am looking forward to keeping in contact with y'all!


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