Sunday, June 1, 2014

The First Time in Forever

Well hello there! 
Yep. You probably understood that reference. 
I am posting for the First Time in Forever.
And while I personally like Tangled better, Frozen is so popular among my siblings.

Back on topic.

I do most sincerely apologize for my strange absence.  You see, my family has been in the midst of moving, and I have been helping, as well as working on a few extra things.

So to catch up on picture posting, I give you pictures from the past month:

Building walls:

This empty building is now full of beds, dressers, a table, quite a few pices of furniture, a baby grand piano, etc.

Our Chinese international students fixed us a delicious (traditional) Chinese dinner before they flew back to their homeland.

Here's Daniel, helping.

Y'all meet Squirt! Papa found him in the pool, and Hannah decided to keep him. :)

Other than moving, and moving, and moving, I haven't been up to much!
I hope you all are getting ready for a truly awesome summer!
And don't forget to blow dandelion fuzz! ;)


  1. I love your iris, I've never seen that variety before... and the little terrapin is very cute, I had one one time but I let it go after a couple days.

  2. Lovely photos, especially of the bird and yard gnome! ;) I fondly remember the many gnomes my grandma had organized in a troop in her backyard, along with a big blue glass ball that I considered "magical" as a kid. I used to have a ball making "fairy houses" (a Scottish tradition) out there amidst my gnome friends and taking photos of them with my pink, Easter-egg shaped camera. It was a blast.

    Anyway, I hope you have a smooth move! How far will you be venturing from your current residence?

    God bless,
    Pearl of Tyburn

    P.S. I actually just watched "Tangled" for the first time, part at a friend's house, and part at home. It was enjoyable, even if I will always prefer the old Disney cartoons to the new Pixar ones. Do you have any favorite older cartoons? Mine are "Robin Hood" and "Sleeping Beauty".

    1. Thank you! We are now 20 minutes away from our old house. :)
      Hm, favorite older cartoons... I guess Wile Coyote, and Road Runner!

  3. Loved this post! How exciting that your move is...well...moving right along! ;) Are y'all moving onto some property? How much? When do you think you'll be all moved in? I haven't seen Tangled yet, can you believe it? :( So sad. But Frozen is definitely one of my favorites! :) OLAF!!!! :D


    1. WHOA! You haven't seen Tangled yet?!?! 0_o You definitely need to see it!

      We are actually already moved in, as of Saturday. We are now living on a beautiful piece of property, that is 18 acres. It has woods, and a creek. :D

  4. Those were some great pictures, Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing them!

    By the way, you've been nominated for the Liebster Award on my blog: Here's the link:

    Hope you have a great day!

    His Princess,

  5. Oops! I messed up. You've been nominated for the Beautiful Blog Award! (It's the same link though. :-) )


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