Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Movie Reviews are Few and Far Between

The first and only review I've done was on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug back in this April Post.

But now...announcing...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier!


Well, seeing as I've not seen the first movie, my dad had to explain some things, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

On Cap:
Boy, oh boy! Steve Rogers...I think Chris Evans is the PERFECT choice to play this character. I mean...He's amazing!
I never thought I'd like superhero movies, until I saw The Avengers...and since then, Cap has always been my favorite! 
He's brave, loves his country, and he's funny too! ;)

Opening Scene:
The movie opens with Steve Rogers and another guy (Sam Wilson) running around Washington DC. 
Steve passes Sam like 5 times, and says "On your left." every time! 

Random thought: Why is Sam wearing a sweatshirt? O.o

On Sam:
Um...well, I think he can explain things a little better than I can.
Mhmm, yep! :P

The conversation between Nick and his car system thingy:
It was just pure hilariousness! I loved it!
"Well, tell me, what does work?"
"Air conditioning is fully operational." HAHAHA!!!!!! xD

Nick Fury's Death: 
Well...that was unexpected! Though, I must say I didn't think it would last very long. :P 

On Bucky:
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky." 
Don't mind me while I cry over here...

So, Steve's best friend in the first movie...James Buchanan Barnes...
I can't help but feel bad for him, cause he was brainwashed by HYDRA. I loved how, at the end of the movie, when he and Steve were fighting, Steve said, "I'm with you til the end of the line." and Bucky just stops, and thinks, and later saves Cap. 

On Natasha:
Okay, I admit that she is a little snobby, but hey, she's awesome! She is funny at times, and is really quite flexible! Not to mention loyal!

Man, I don't even know where to go next, so I shall now attempt to make you laugh with some of the funniest parts:
Natasha Romanoff: [Both are wearing loose shoes as part of a cover disguise] First rule of going on the run is "Don't run. Walk"
Steve Rogers: If I run in these shoes they're going to fall off

Maria Hill: [taking off a HYDRA helmet] That thing was squeezing my brain.

Steve Rogers: This is it.
[sees he's at his old army base]
Natasha Romanoff: Well, the file came from these coordinates.
Steve Rogers: So did I.

Steve Rogers: [on modern times] The food is better. They used to boil everything...

Steve Rogers: [in an elevator] You know, they used to play music.
Nick Fury: Yeah. My grandfather operated one of these things for 40 years. Granddad worked in a nice building.

Nick Fury: [at his own grave] If anyone asks for me, tell them I'm right here...

Alexander Pierce: [sees the Soldier in his dining room] Want some milk?

Jasper Sitwell: There's nowhere you can run, Rogers!
[Captain America jumps through a window]
Jasper Sitwell: Are you kidding me?

Natasha Romanoff: Where did Captain America learn to steal a car?
Steve Rogers: Nazi Germany. And we're borrowing. Get your feet off the dash.

Steve Rogers: We have nowhere else to go.
Natasha Romanoff: Everyone we know is trying to kill us.
Sam Wilson: [takes them in] Not everyone...

Sam Wilson: 41st floor! 41st!
Nick Fury: It's not like they put the floor numbers on the outside of the building.

Sam Wilson: Hey, Cap, how do we know the good guys from the bad guys?
Steve Rogers: If they're shooting at you, they're bad.

Sam Wilson: You're a lot heavier than you look.
Steve Rogers: I had a big breakfast.

[Smithsonian Guard discovers that Captain America's World War II uniform has been stolen]
Smithsonian Guard: Oh, man. I am so fired.

Nick Fury: You're wrong about me. I do share. I'm nice like that.

Natasha Romanoff: Kiss me.
Steve Rogers: What?
Natasha Romanoff: Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.
Steve Rogers: Yes, they do.

Natasha Romanoff: Hey, fellas. Either one of you know where the Smithsonian is? I'm here to pick up a fossil.
Steve Rogers: That's hilarious.

And now, for the best line in the entire movie!

And now, I close with a favorite quote from Cap himself:

Have a lovely week!
-the Freedom-loving-American


  1. I'm literally about to watch this movie for the second time in about five minutes. :D most marvelous marvel movie yet!!! Although Thor 2 was close. And ya gotta see Cap 1!!!!! :) :)

    1. Marvelous Marvel movie? Wonderful! :D Ah, I must see Thor 2! And Cap 1!

    2. Hehe ;) Yes you must. :) I hear Guardians of the Galaxy is quite good too, although I haven't seen that one yet.

    3. Haha! I haven't seen it either... I'm kinda behind on the times. ;)

  2. Loved this movie! So much sass;) Especially Natasha:) I like how she doesn’t try to be a better fighter than the guys in all of the Marvel movies that she’s in. I respect her for that. She just fights as best as she knows how. Awwww, I like Falcon. I love how he makes his appearance as Falcon *the music* *sigh* Chris Evans definitely changed from the first Captain America movie;) Can I just say *Bucky’s hair* ;) *smirk* What is it with Marvel and hair? I like it that way:) Those last two gifs, ‘I’m willing to pay’ are. not. okay. =D That’s so depressing and wonderful at the same time.

    1. Natasha! Yes! I respect her for that too.
      YESSSSSS. Falcon was amazing! :D
      Hehehehehehehe, Bucky's hair! I seriously don't know what Marvel has with hair, but I love it too!
      That "I'm willing to pay" part was seriously one of the best scenes in every movie I've ever seen!

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