Tuesday, March 3, 2015


"Ask the LORD of the harvest therefore to send out workers into the harvest field." 
-Matthew 9:38

What are we, as followers of Jesus, to do in light of what is going on in our world?
1. Pray for our enemies.
2. Fear not what man can to you. The worst they can do is kill you.
3. Go!

Last Friday, my family sat down to stream a live simulcast of a conference that I'd never heard of before.

My college leader first brought it to my attention during Sunday School a couple of weeks ago, and little did I know how this conference would effect my life as a young adult who's known her savior for 15 years (I accepted Jesus into my life 15 years ago, today). 

Cross Con was amazing! Even though I wasn't able to watch most of the speakers, I enjoyed the one I did watch - David Platt.

The title of his message was Undaunted by Resistance, and he made some wonderful, albeit scary, points.

1. Surrender to Christ, regardless of the cost, knowing that there will be a cost for all of us!

If you can trust God to save you, you can trust Him to lead you.

Suffering may be inevitable, but our mission is unstoppable.

2. Abide in Christ, and follow where He leads.
3. Trust in Christ, for He is the great reward!

Are we willing to go out as sheep among wolves?

I would encourage you to watch the videos found here, and prepare for a life-change!


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