Friday, January 29, 2016

January: An Update

Well dear me! January is almost over and I haven't posted even once.

I'm not avoiding it on purpose, trust me.

So here's what my January has been like...

It started off with Passion 2016 in Houston Texas. I went down with a bunch of friends, and we had a wonderful time.
11,000 college students crossing the street at once. Fantastic!

Beth Moore surprised us by randomly showing up at the Toyota Center. 

Chris Tomlin leading us in "God's Great Dance Floor" on the last day. 

My Family Group. <3 #hihosilver ;)

What a weekend that was! I'm already looking forward to next year at the Georgia Dome (I already have my ticket).

Since getting back, I've been back at work. Normal life has resumed, but I won't forget my time in Texas. You'll have to stick around for that later on in February, perhaps. ;)

Now don't judge me. I only have a selfie stick because I got it for Christmas. But the kiddos love it! 

And on a beautiful day like today was, I couldn't help but take some pics with my new iPhone 6 (since my camera is still out of use).

So whether the weather is cold or warm, enjoy it while it lasts! Today was in the upper 60's, but in a couple days, we're expecting a foot of snow.


Anyway, enjoy your weekend!