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Quotes Tag - Day Two

Morning, Y'all! Ready for day two?

Day Two: Book/Movie Quotes

That overwhelming feeling...

And when your hopes and dreams die on the shores of Prince Edward Island...or maybe I'm just overreacting. ;)

Les Miserables and Anne Shirley... LOVE 'EM BOTH!I have no idea who to tag the next couple y'all consider yourselves tagged.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Quote Tag - Day One

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I'm gonna go a little further, and have a few quotes with a particular Author/Theme for these three days.

Today: C.S. Lewis 

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Islam and the Bible

Islam’s view of the Bible and the Christian response
The Quran teaches that Allah’s words cannot be changed, but it also teaches that the Torah and Gospels were changed and became corrupted.
The Bible warns against adding to or taking away from its teachings (Prov. 30:6; Deut. 4:2, 12:32). There is no evidence that the Bible has ever been changed.
But the Quran says that Muhammad changed some of its verses. –Encourage Muslims to compare the Quran to the Bible to discover that the Bible is trustworthy while the Quran is not.
Islam’s belief in the Bible’s corruption and the Christian response
Three Reasons that Muslim believe the Bible is corrupted:
  1. Muhammad claimed that the Bible predicted his name, but after he died, his followers searched through it and could not find it. They announced that the Bible was corrupted.
  2. Some Christians and Jews believe that God has children, but God does not have sexual desires, and cannot have children. – Show the Gospel passages that describe Jesus’ conception and show that no sexual relation was involved (Matthew 1:20, etc.).
  3. The Trinity
The Quran incorrectly teaches that the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is that there are three gods: God the Father, Mary his wife, and Jesus their son. – Correct these mistaken views (the Gospels never say anything about Mary being God).
Islam’s view of Christ and the Christian response
The doctrine of the Trinity needs special care when you talk to Muslims. Since the oneness of God is central to their thinking, the Trinity is a very difficult concept and must be introduced with care.
Allah is described as a god of love. But this creates a problem for tawhid, which describes him as impersonal. Love requires a personal nature that searches for another personal object on which to express love (love only exists between two persons). So, since Allah is impersonal, he is without multiple persons in his own being on which to show love before creating the world and teaching love to his creatures. If Allah did not have the attribute of love before creation, how could he create beings with this attribute?
God made us to overcome barriers
God created ALL humans, including Muslims, with freedom of choice and the capacity to listen, read, and understand. – The Christians’ challenge is to understand the basic presuppositions, practices, and shortcomings of Islam so that they can give reasoned arguments for the Bibles truth, which God can use to reach the Muslim.

Presuppositions and Apologetics
Islamic view is based on presuppositions that color the way a Muslim understands the evidence for Christianity. – Recognize the presuppositions, and, we can chip away at Islam’s Foundation.
Islam’s view on sinful nature and the Christian response
The Quran says that people are descendants of Adam and Eve and are sinners, but is also says that sin is Allah inspired! Muslims believe that humans sin because Allah willed it.
  • Romans 5:12, 18, 19
Islam’s view on salvation and the Christian response
The Quran teaches that salvation is based on purification and good deeds. Muslims can become righteous through prayer, alms giving, fasting, and live according to the Quran. It also states that Allah has already determined everyone’s destiny. It teaches that everyone will be led into hell by Allah, and then the righteous will ascend to heaven. So no one really knows his destiny. Even Muhammad was unsure of his salvation. – When sharing his faith with a Muslim, a Christian should contrast the uncertainty of Muslims salvation, with certainty of Christians’ salvation through Jesus. Contrast the Muslims ‘good works’ belief with the Bibles’ teaching that no one can be saved by good deeds. It is only by Jesus’ righteousness that one can be saved (Romans 5:21). Contrast the belief that ‘all will enter hell’ with ‘Satan and his demons, and all the unsaved will ONLY enter hell (II Peter 2:4; Rev. 20:15). Contrast, ‘salvation is through Allah’s arbitrary choosing’ with the Christian hope that truly repentant hearts can be saved by grace through personal faith in Jesus’ finished work on the cross.
Sharing your faith with a Muslim
  1. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts…
Recognize that we cannot reach the Muslim on our own. Ask God to purify our hearts and attitudes.

  1. And always be ready to give a defense…
Prepare by understanding Muslim presuppositions, beliefs, culture, and understanding ways to make the Gospel more understandable to Muslims.

  1. To everyone who asks you…
Build strong friendship with your Muslim friend, based on honesty and love. By doing this, Christians can gain an opening to present the Gospel.

  1. A reason for the hope that is in you…
Seven key blessings of the Gospel:
  • We can know God and the truth, but Muslims cannot. Muslim cannot know Allah, but we can know God because He wants to be “known” and “dwells” in our hearts. (Exodus 33:11; Isaiah 40:5; Acts 17:23; I Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19)
  • Muslims cannot rest assured in God’s justice. If people are crying out for God’s peace, justice, and salvation now, then why should God wait until the afterlife like Islam teaches? But the God of the Bible answers our prayers NOW! (I John 5:14-15; II Thessalonians 1:6-10)
  • Through Christ’s grace we are reconciled to God, and can whole heartedly submit to Him on earth, but Muslims cannot. Muslims cannot submit meaningfully to a god who is impersonal. You can only submit to someone you can know and who is revealed to you.
  • God’s grace gives us new identity as redeemed being, but Muslims don’t have this privilege (II Corinthians 5:17). In Christ, being comes before doing (Ephesians 2:10). People must be established in God’s kingdom before they are able to do good works. In Islam, doing good comes first in order to become good.
  • We have God in us (Galatians 2:20), but Muslims do not. Immanuel means “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). He seeks to have a personal and intimate fellowship with us.
  • Through the Gospel we are reconciled to the God of love and peace, but Muslims are not. God is a great lover of humanity (John 3:16). He loves reconciliation and unity (II Corinthians 5:18). We are united with God and can reflect His love and peace to others through our words and actions.
  • Muslims don’t have salvation, or the joy of salvation, as we do. They need to realize that salvation must happen NOW, and not in the afterlife (Hebrews 9:27). If we separated from God on earth, we need to have salvation on earth. God desires humanity to enjoy love, and unity with Him in this life.

  1. With meekness and fear.
Our attitude before God is the key to fruitful conversations with Muslims. We cannot be proud or arrogant. If we present the Gospel in a gentle, nonthreatening way with honesty and humility, our Muslim friends will hear our message more clearly.


Monday, June 6, 2016

There Has Been an Awakening

As promised, here is my review of The Force Awakens...

Growing up, these were always my favorite to watch as a family. We used to have it on VHS, and when ours quit working, dad brought home the entire DVD set.

Having wondered how good it would be, and after hearing different people talk about it, I didn't want to put my hopes very high, for fear of it being a let down. So when my best friend and I packed into to the theater with hundreds of others on opening night, I was just there to enjoy the fact that THIS IS STAR WARS. I didn't care how good it would be, I was just soaking in the excitement that I was there ON opening night, WITH my best friend.


Let me start with the music. Because we all know (or at least I hope we all know) that music is powerful. When the trailer first came out, I told my parents that I would watch this movie for the music ALONE. Since it's John Williams, that alone is worth sitting in a theater seat for over two hours. I'm a self proclaimed music enthusiast, which basically means, I know a good song when I hear it. And the Star Wars scores are my absolute favorites.

I'm so glad John Williams was able to do compose for this movie! I could feel myself getting chills as the beginning story started rolling up the screen, and the theme music blasted through the building.

Main Title and Attack on the Jakku Village. ALWAYS a pleasure to hear the theme. 

I feel like Star Wars just wouldn't be Star Wars without John Williams. He's so gifted!

Rey's Theme. Star Wars, and yet, different. It gives the feeling that this new character is a little different than the other. A quieter track, portraying a feeling of mystery and wonder.  To me, emphasizing that this character is a strong, yet gentle young lady. 

Jedi Steps and Finale. Absolutely lovely. There are no word to describe is. It's just that amazing.

Moving on to the major characters and their actors/actresses.

Poe Dameron. "So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?" Poe came across as a hero, though he didn't get much screen time. I liked how he was trying to be funny in serious situations. Oscar Isaac did a great job!

BB-8. That little BB-8 unit that is orange and white... His little droid humor is the cutest thing, and I love how you could tell when he was happy and when he was sad. Even though he's a droid, I fell like the designers did fabulous job portraying his "feelings".

Rey. "The Scavenger." Daisy Ridley was PERFECT for this role, I think. After we bought the movie, I was able to watch a little of how her audition went. She was able to convey her feelings through her facial expressions. She was so intense and serious about it, and that is why she's great as Rey! She struck me as a hopeful, and hard-working girl - anxious to see her family, whoever they are/were. I am interested to find out who her family is, and why they left (though I have a theory).

FN-2187 (Finn). Yeah he's with the resistance!  No seriously... Finn has gotta be one of my favorite new characters. His heart is good, but he just needs direction. His relationship with Rey, I think, is important. John Boyega was awesome! In the extras, he mentions that he was freaking out, when he learned that he got a part in The Force Awakens. And who wouldn't? I mean, c'mon! This is Star Wars after all. 

Han Solo. Well, lets just say that Harrison Ford once again did a fabulous job. But he's Harrison Ford, so we'd wouldn't expect anything less. His witty one-liners are the best! I was disappointed when they killed him off. He truly loved his son, and missed being a family. He was always a favorite character. I really have nothing else to say about him. 

Chewbacca. CHEWIE! That big walking carpet of fluffy love. His devotion to Han, and his sweet, yet tough character made him a favorite. After he saw that Han was gone, he could've shot and killed Ben right then and there, but he didn't. He probably watched Ben grow up, and chose not to kill him, because he knows there's still good in him. At least, I like to think that's why... ;)

Ben Solo (Kylo Ren). WOW. Talk about anger issues! He's an interesting case. The son of Han and Leia, "Ben" trained to be a Jedi under Luke, but he was seduced by the Dark Side, and apparently became obsessed with Darth Vader, his grandfather. I hate that he was the one to kill Han.

Leia. Former princess, now General. She's really grown up since A New Hope, and I just love watching her character develop over the course of the four movies. Back then, she was a snobby princess, now she's a responsible, though heartbroken, adult. I love her gentle voice, talking with the others in this movie, and then her friendship with Rey. Right away, they're friends, even though they'd never met before. Their hug at the end of the movie was that of "I understand what you're feeling." Because they had both grown to love Han, though in different ways, they both understood the feeling of losing someone dear to them. For Leia, a friend and husband. For Rey, a friend, and the father she was never able to know.

The Millennium Falcon. What more to be said? When Rey, Finn and BB-8 first started running toward it, I knew right away. And I got chills. It's just one of those things that you're just like "Wow." "Garbage? Nah. It's an icon. And I love that now Rey is the Captain. I love that they didn't let Harrison see it, until they were filming the first scene with Han and Chewie. So when they boarded and said "We're home" that was the first time HF had seen it since Return of the Jedi. And it was just awe-inspiring, and full of memories.

Luke. Hermit on a mountain. I couldn't help but laugh at the end of the movie, as Rey was holding out the lightsaber to him, and they were just staring into each others eyes. What does he know? What was he thinking, as he looked off into the sea? What is he thinking now, staring at Rey? WHAT ARE THEIR STORIES?

The movie in general was epic. A friend was saying earlier today, that VII was just to restore the trust that the fanbase once had in Star Wars, before the prequels. Because IV, V, and VI were awesome, but I, II, and III were just okay. Because we had no idea what Disney would do to this epic that my parents loved, and now I love, we didn't want to get our hopes too high. It was either gonna be terrible, or epic. And in my book, it was the latter. I think I can trust Disney and J.J. Abrams with VIII. 

I realize it was practically the same basic plot as A New Hope, but I truly believe that from here, we are ready for a new generation of Jedi. Ready for a trilogy that is worthy of the originals. Ready to destroy the Sith AND the Dark Side, and restore order to the Galaxy, once and for all.

Now, 39 years after A New Hope first came out, and my parents saw them in theaters, I am proud to be a Star Wars fan, like my father before me.