Friday, June 24, 2016

The Quote Tag - Day One

Hiya friends! I'd like to thank S.F. for tagging me for the "Quote Tag"!

The simple rules~
1. Thank the person who tagged/nominated you
2. Nominate/tag three new bloggers every day.
3. Post a new quote every day for three consecutive days.

I nominate Anna, Elisabeth, and Christine.

I'm gonna go a little further, and have a few quotes with a particular Author/Theme for these three days.

Today: C.S. Lewis 

I tag

Well, there you have it - day one!
See y'all tomorrow with more quotes!



  1. I love these quotes, Elizabeth! C.S. Lewis was such an amazing man! Narnia remains to this day my favorite series. :)
    Thanks for the tag! I'll try to put it up soon!

  2. Thank you for tagging me! :) I'm only just seeing it now, actually. It was fun to read your post! :D


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