Wednesday, November 22, 2017

O Give Thanks

O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever.
Psalm 107:1

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and know that I haven't forgotten my blog, or any of you faithful readers.

I pray your Thanksgiving is filled with love, laughter and lots of thanks to the Lord our God for the blessings He has poured on our country.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blue among Reds

I am no longer living with my parents. I'm not even in the same state as them! I traded the initials "KS" for the initials "KY".

Yep, that's right! I now live in Kentucky.

Random Fact: I live right near the Kentucky/Ohio border, which means there's a lot of Cincinnati Reds happening up here, which also means that since I am a Kansas City Royals fan, I stand out a little. XD Totally fine with me!

I got a job at the Creation Museum, and am now living with two other young ladies, who also work there. 

It's definitely cooler up here, closer to the mountains. But only by a little. 

We traveled up on Saturday, July 22nd. Just mom, Dad, Jubilee, Samuel, Caleb and myself. After about 12 hours of driving, we arrived at around 8:45 in the evening, unloaded the 15 passenger van, and went off to eat at a local McDonald's.

Sunday. We visited the church that my new roomies attend, and then we drove around to different locations, just so I could get familiar with my surroundings.

Then we had dinner at Culver's :P

Monday. We visited the Creation Museum. The younger ones either couldn't remember it, or had never even been.

Caleb rather enjoyed the goats at the petting zoo.

I was so excited to see my friend, Sarah! She was one of the attendees of the last CAPTURE Kansas workshop. <3

Tuesday. I stayed home most of the day, but I did venture out after lunch, to go find the tea place that I'd found online. "Yesterday's Tea Cafe and Matcha Bar" is fanTEAstic!

Pretty much finished up my room.

Wicket is adorable!

And Widdle is hilarious.

Most entertaining!

Watching Rogue One with my roomies.

Wednesday. Well, right now I am sitting in the nearest Chick-fil-A, sipping my root beer, enjoying the instrumental worship music, and typing this post. ;) Chick-fil-A is the best!

I start my training for the job on the 31st, and boy am I nervous! I'm sure It'll be fine, though. For now, though, I will be working from CFA or home, on graphic design stuff for Cafe Barnabas. I am really quite enjoying it thus far, despite the fact that I can't just hop in the car and drive over to my parent's house. 

I am looking forward to seeing what God does in my life, here in Kentucky - 600 miles from home.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Music Spotlight - Wonder

Music is important in my life. I can't imagine my life without it. It's such a part of who I am, and I wanted to start sharing some more of my favorites with you all.

Wonder is one of those that I wasn't sure about before I started listening, and now I have to listen OVER AND OVER.

This one definitely gives me the chills!

Wonder by Hillsong United
Have you ever seen the wonder
In the glimmer of first sight
As the eyes begin to open
And the blindness meets the light
If you have so say

I see the world in light
I see the world in wonder
I see the world in life
Bursting in living colour
I see the world Your way
And I’m walking in the light

Have you ever seen the wonder
In the air of second life
Having come out of the waters
With the old one left behind
If you have so say

I see the world in light
I see the world in wonder
I see the world in life
Bursting in living colour
I see the world Your way
And I’m walking in the light

I see the world in grace
I see the world in gospel
I see the world Your way
And I’m walking in the light
I’m walking in the wonder
You’re the wonder in the wild
Turning wilderness to wonder
If You have so say
I see the world in love
I see the world in freedom
I see the Jesus way
You’re the wonder in the wild

I see the world Your way
And I’m not afraid to follow
I see the world Your way
And I’m not ashamed to say so
I see the Jesus way
And I’m walking in the light

"Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music;" -Psalm 98:4


Monday, June 19, 2017

New Adventures

My Cap
My life is awesome.

I am so grateful for the friends and family God has placed in my life, and I am really excited about this new adventure on which I am about to embark. Where do I even begin? This year is already half over, and it's been fantastic!

So here's an update on what's been happening:

Books I'm Reading:
Multiply by Francis Chan
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Music I'm Listening to:
Rend Collective
The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Edition soundtrack
Wonder by Hillsong United
Home by Chris Tomlin
All Sons & Daughters
Bethel Worship
Today is Beautiful by David Dunn
Fantastic Beasts soundtrack

Shows I'm Catching Up On:
The Justice League (animated)
Downton Abbey
Once Upon a Time

I turned 21 in April, and graduated college on May 11th, with Adobe Certified Associates in Illustrator and InDesign, which was awesome. 
Now I am the Marketing Director at Cafe Barnabas... AND I'm getting ready to move to Kentucky to work for -

You guessed it.
Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum!

You all have probably been around long enough to know that this has been my dream for many, MANY years. 
So, I applied and interviewed for a Host position, and now I'm waiting for my "Faith Reference" to come through so they can make the official job offer. Until then, I am sitting in my favorite cafe, playing working on my favorite thing - graphic design.
(it's French for "Let's Go!")

I'm nervous and excited, and can't help but wonder what God has in store in the next few years.

But what a blessing it is to do what you love and love what you do. God has given me many gifts, and I'm going to use them for His glory. So here's to new adventures. Making new friends, keeping old ones, and here's to and family.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Passion 2017

55,000 people. That's roughly how many college students were in the Georgia Dome, January 2nd-4th.

The Trip:
The trip was long, but fantastic. We left about 11 pm on January 1st, and drove through the night. I slept most of the way, and listened to music as I stared out the window for the rest of the way. We arrived in Atlanta around 3:15 pm, with time to check into our hotel, take a short nap, and eat, before we headed to the Dome.

Day One: 
The view from my hotel room. Gotta love that flashing Coca-Cola sign.

After Session One, with Christine Caine, all 55,000 people flocked across the street to our "Community Groups"

Day Two:
What a beautiful thing to be a part of. I couldn't help but get teary-eyed a few times, just being there in the overwhelming presence of Jesus.

I especially enjoyed the worship times with Chris Tomlin, Passion, Crowder, Matt Redman, Hillsong, and even Carrie Underwood (Yes, she was there)!

Lunchtime was extremely chaotic, but cool to see, in the CNN Center. Droves of people waiting in line for Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, and whatever else was in there...


Day Three:
Within the "Community Groups" there are small groups called "Family Groups." This is exactly how it sounds. You and seven other college students become family over the course of the conference (with only four family group times), and provided you exchange contacts, you remain family for the rest of your life.
This is me with my family. <3

The Last Session... I was not ready to leave.

All loaded up and ready (more or less) for the 20 hour ride back home...

Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

All in all, it was a blessed experience. This post does not even come close to it, but It's the best I can do. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and I want to go back.  Guess I'll have to go again next year! Y'all should come, too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Afternoon! Y'all may have noticed that my header keeps changing. Yes, I am doing that on purpose! I am experimenting with it as I learn to do new things in graphic technology. Never fear!

In the meantime, I'm working my tail off at school, listening to Beethoven, and drinking CocaCola. <---Makes me happy... ;)

Hope y'all are having a lovely January!
Stay tuned for a Passion 2017 post.