About Me

Hello! Elizabeth here - welcome to my blog!

This page is just a glimpse into my interests and life.

First and foremost, I'm a twenty-something with a passion for Jesus and His Name. I stand by His Word as the ultimate authority, starting with the very first verse.


  1. Hey, Elizabeth! This is Rosie A. - or God's Maiden of Virtue on Memverse, as you might know me better by. :) I just came across your blog, and really like it! I've always been interested in photography - though never very good at it - and have been very impressed by your photography skills. Keep up the great work! Also, I love how Christ-centered your blog is. That is so important, and I'm really glad to meet another sister in Christ!

    1. Oh really? That's great! :) I'm glad you like my blog, and hope it is an encouragement to you!! :)

  2. Wow....I'm AMAZED at all that we have in common! O_o

    -Lover of history (WWII is fascinating!)
    -Photographer....in the broadest terms possible! :P
    -Love Narnia
    -LOVE LOVE LOVE Lord of the Rings!
    -Familiar with the Kingdom Series (my brother read them) but haven't read them myself
    -Archery!!! Yes! I love archery!!!!!
    -HUGE fan of movie soundtracks. What are your favorites? I love the LOTR and "Man from snowy river" among others.
    -Love that Eric Liddell quote
    -Enjoy learning about Eric Liddell
    -Both sign off with Soli Deo Gloria

    Wow... :D ;)

    1. That's amazing! I can tell we are going to enjoy each others blogs! :D
      Lets see...favorite movie sountracks: LOTR, Thor, and Narnia.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! :)

    I think your blog is really cool in a way that my favorite soundtracks play in the background... :D
    I just came across your blog, but I already feel at home. I'm going to enjoy your blog, I know it! :) :)

    1. Thank you! May I ask, how did you find my blog?

      I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, and come back soon!

  4. Hello!
    I came across your blog and have already fallen in love with it! We seem to have a lot in common as 11 out of 15 of your "about me's" could be about me. This is definitely one of my new favorite blogs!

  5. Lovely! I'm glad we have met here in the bloggosphere! ;)

  6. Hi Elizabeth! I just found your blog and I love it! I went to your photography blog and your pictures are beautiful!! I like taking photos too, and I have always wanted to learn archery! :) And I really like Narnia too! :)

    1. Woohoo! I hope you enjoy my neck of the bloggosphere!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
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  8. Hi! saw your blog in "connecting young Christians" among other blogs and whoaa it still amazes me how THERE ARE REALLY I mean REALLY young believer-blogger passionate to spread the light :))
    P.S I <3 Worship too. I couldn't live without it now. Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, & Kim Walker are <3
    Like you said... "That's the kind of music I love - music that lifts high the Name of Jesus." GOD BLESS!

    1. Cool! Yes, I absolutely love seeing young people lifting high the Name of Jesus. It blesses my heart so much. Why, my 4 year old sister was literally JUST singing "Good, Good Father."

  9. Hi! I find your blog interesting. I also am a Christian. I am a freedom fighter, and care a lot about our nation. God is in control of it all in the long run though. I want to teach but am not sure if I am able to. I really like your posts about different hot topics like refugees and Christianity vs Islam and such. My style of music is country music and rock music ( including metal when i say rock.) I am bipolar and suicidal almost by nature sometimes. as a CHristian with Bipolar Disorder ( diagnosed) , Autism/Aspergers (diagnosed) and ADD ( undiagnosed) I want to use my disease for God's glory. I often talk to the youth minister at church about it. God wants me to work with and minister mentally ill students. I just don't know how yet. My dad is a minister in training, a ex church plant leader, and a ex church elder. I pour out my emotions in poetry on my blog timeislove200.blogspot.com . Have a good night. - Evan White.

    1. Thank you for your comment! How neat that you want to use you disease for the Lord. I think that is awesome. I pray you reach many for Him.


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